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This strain, also known as Pink Cookies, is the genetic cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. This irresistible wedding cake weed is a very delicious treat that’s rich with tangy, sweet, earthy and a hint of skunk-like aroma. Take your time and enjoy this beautiful exotic Hybrid strain.As it contains a high level of THC of up to 25% and CBD up to 1%. Effects feel like a balanced 50/50 cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Buy jungle boys wax online, jungle boys wax for sale, buy full melt hash online, kush cake jungle boys, jungle boys for sale UK

This  strain also goes by the name “Pink Cookies”. And is classified as an Indica that provides a potent but very clear high. Genetically coming from the two-parent strains La Kush and Kush Cake, the THC content within this product can go up to 24%. jungle boys wax for sale

La Kush Cake strain Benefits

  • This strain will help you find how much you love pure Indica strains because it has invigorating effects
  • It provides a feeling of natural upliftment and mood enhancement.
  • The euphoric feeling that LA Kush provides also enhances visuals and generates a cerebral effect. buy full melt hash online

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  • This flower has a strong aroma of spicy like black pepper and herbal similar to a flower shop. kush cake jungle boys
  • Sweet and berry flavored after-taste with a smooth and potent characteristic of most kush strains

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