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where to buy jungle boys online

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where to buy jungle boys online

where to buy jungle boys online,  have cemented their claim in cannabis history as some of the best growers with their painstaking and proven cultivation methods including their prodigious pheno-hunting techniques they employ. Pheno-hunting is a complex growing operation that can take years to get results. The Jungle Boys plant hundreds of seeds at the same time hoping to find one with intriguing, resilient, and unique phenotypes. Their diligent work has paid off. Today, they’re known for developing new and exciting strains for cannabis connoisseurs. Buy jungle boys in USA, order jungle boys strain, jungle boys for sale UK, Jungle boys rosin

The History of the Jungle Boys

The Jungle Boys opened up their first brick-and-mortar shop in 2005 and gained local recognition through their innovative growing techniques. Ivan, the founder of the Jungle Boys, was influenced. To grow cannabis plants by his mom who grew these plants in his childhood backyard. Her tips helped Ivan learn how to keep a lowkey grow going without attracting unwanted attention. Buy jungle boys in USA

Ivan worked elsewhere, while maintaining a passion for cultivation. When his dad was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, their doctor recommended cannabis after chemotherapy wasn’t working. Ivan applied for a medical recommendation and began purchasing cannabis for his dad from Toluca Lake Collective, also known as TLC, in Los Angeles. order jungle boys strain

where can i buy jungle boys online, buy jungle boys in USA, order jungle boys strain, jungle boys for sale UK, Jungle boys rosin

where to buy jungle boys online

While Ivan’s dad passed away, cannabis products helped his dad find relief during his final moments. Ivan was inspired to foster his growing passion and eventually settled on building out his grow operation to sell to dispensaries all while working over 14 hour shifts. He continued to work long hours to support his family, while still making time for his cultivation efforts. jungle boys for sale UK

In order to scale the business, Ivan opened a dispensary called Nature’s Green Cure in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Ivan found success with his WiFi #43 strain after growing more than the recommended 100-plant limit. At the time, growers feared getting locked up for 40 years for growing more than 99 plants. Ivan took the risk and found his calling in finding the perfect phenotypes. Ivan was also successful taking over TLC in 2013 after partnering with them for many years before that. Jungle boys rosin

Despite a lengthy court battle with the city of Los Angeles on compliance issues with TLC, the case was dismisse many years later, which let the Jungle Boys focus on meeting California’s legal market demand. The Jungle Boys weed business employs hundreds of workers to provide both the medical and recreational market with their most popular cuts.

The Jungle Boys weed business continues to grow as they open up new facilities. Ivan has included his entire family in the business, too. His daughter manages TLC, his wife runs the new clothing line, and his nephew manages the growing operations. As they continue to battle with knock-off strains, their status as premium growers continues to rise.

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